CardDog is the cloud-based payment processing platform that allows you to accept, process and track gift and other card programs along with credit cards at the POS. Now enhanced by Argos, the platform securely handles credit and debit cards through end-to-end encryption and tokenization while continuing to process your in-house cards. Contact us to tell us what you need.

Credit Cards | Debit Cards | Gift Cards | Promo Cards | and more!
All managed and reported on one secure integrated platform

CardDog remains the best solution for in-house card programs
CardDog is the payment platform that gives you power and flexibility to offer a full range of customized payment card programs and manage them all in one place.

Gift – Prepaid – Promo
In-House Charge – Backed – Room Charge

Manage all these card programs across
multiple POS systems and locations

Card programs can be tailored to work according to the parameters you require, for example:

Time Valid only between 6 & 10 am
Day Valid only on Mondays & Tuesdays
Location Valid only at the snack bar
Season Not valid in July & August
Holiday Not valid on Memorial Day & Labor Day
Frequency Valid only on Mondays & Tuesdays
$500 in purchases gives you a free mid-week lift ticket
VIP’s always get 10% off during the week

The CardDog platform:
Integrates with existing ticketing systems
Accepts private label cards across multiple POS systems
Streamlines reporting for all payment types and locations

CardDog Integrates with these POS systems:

DataCap GIFTePay
Digital Dining
InfoGenesis POS by Agilysys
IG OnDemand
IG QuickPay
PAR Springer Miller
Accesso Siriusware
RTP |One
Sport Code

These are just some of the POS systems that  we support! Click here to request the entire list.

Argos    CardDog’s Secure Payment Solution

CardDog’s secure payment solution, Argos, enhances our multi-card processing platform by protecting cardholder data from the risks associated with data breaches.


Argos employs end-to-end encryption, tokenization and hosted payment server technology to remove cardholder data from your POS and eCommerce systems.

In addition to the traditional CardDog platform features, Argos also:
• Dramatically reduces PCI scope
• Supports pay-at-the-table solutions
• Provides superior store & forward capabilities


Adding EMV cards to your existing POS is now possible! Argos accepts multiple payment types across multiple POS systems at multiple locations

Credit Cards – Debit Cards
Gift Cards – Promo Cards – and more!

All managed and reported on
one secure integrated platform


Flexibility at the POS and secure processing are bolstered by CardDog’s powerful, intuitive and meaningful reporting. Our leading-edge, proprietary, browser-based reports aggregate every aspect of your payment environment and give you the information you need when you need it. And, if you need more, we will work with you to develop a reporting solution that meets your requirements.

CardDog + Argos Reporting Features:
Browser Based Reporting
Drill Down Technology
Terminal Audit Detail
Activity & Balance Reports
Cardholder Balances
Weekly or Monthly Report Subscriptions
Selectable Report Formats
Innovative Escheatment Methodology

Preview sleek reports
delivered to any device!

About Us

CardDog was conceived and developed almost a decade ago by Transaction Resources, Inc. to deliver a solution to its customers’ ever changing payment processing needs.

In 1993, Transaction Resources Inc. (TRI) was incorporated with a commitment to provide high-quality payment solutions, hands-on sales & customer service and competitive rates to its clients. Its founders, David Frick, Jesse Snyder and Phil Kluge, brought years of combined experience in bankcard processing, transaction processing, payment hardware and software, sales, service and management to the table.

From the outset, TRI worked with and represented a number of gift card processing companies, however the vendors’ generic solutions did not offer the flexibility and features that TRI wanted to provide to its customers. In 2009 when TRI made the strategic decision to develop its own cloud-based card processing platform for gift cards and other in-house card programs, CardDog was born. Since that time, both the product and customer base has grown tremendously. With the more recent advent of EMV, the CardDog platform has been further enhanced with Argos to offer end-to-end encryption and tokenization of credit and debit card transactions along with in-house card programs.

The flexibility of the CardDog system, its wide range of POS interfaces, and the unique TRI Conversion Guarantee™ set it apart from other more limited systems. The Conversion Guarantee™ is the only one in the merchant and gift card processing industry, and it goes like this:

All products are programmed, tested and ready for operation prior to delivery.
Clients receive on site installation and training where possible.
Clients receive personalized follow-up from our support team.
Periodic reviews are available to all clients guaranteeing efficient and cost-effective payment processing.
All conversions are complete only when clients are 100% satisfied!

If CardDog is Best in Breed, Argos is Best in Show

See what our customers have to say:

“We needed a way to process and track our 16 different card programs. CardDog was the answer.”
– Neil Sawyer, President, Ski Bradford

“The upgrade in reporting capabilities using CardDog’s solution is pretty radical. And CardDog customer service is eighty percent better than we’d been getting previously.”
– Rod Engel, CFO, Schweitzer Mountain Resort

“CardDog continues to be a fantastic partner with Megaplex Theatres by helping us manage our large gift card portfolio. CardDog provides fast, accurate and reliable services as our gift card host and offers us better insight and reporting features than we’ve had in the past. We appreciate the CardDog team’s commitment to offer innovative, yet practical solutions that help us better serve our guests at Megaplex Theatres.”
– Shelley Goodell, eCommerce Manager, Megaplex Theatres

The CardDog customer list includes ski resorts throughout the US as well as summer resorts,
water parks, attractions, movie theaters, retail stores, restaurants, hotels,
franchise and other businesses.

Contact Us

At CardDog, we’re committed to helping you find solutions that not only fit, but also enhance, the way you do business and process card transactions. Contact us to let us know what you need and find out how we can help.

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